Alice vs Dorothy

Mack Flavelle
2 min readJan 31, 2020


Good ideas often happen in many places at once. I’m sure many smart words have been written about why and how. But here’s one versions of that story.

I recently read about Netflix putting together a show — the premise is Dorothy from Oz meets Alice from Wonderland. Which is a really cool concept.

So cool that I also came up with it a couple months ago! For a long time I’ve been aware both IP are in the public domain and have really enjoyed multiple interpretations of both. (Including the originals.) They both provide exceptionally rich surreal ideas to play with — providing iconic characters and deeply memorable worlds, but ESPECIALLY the characters.

To be honest the idea has been bouncing around in my head for a while, but in September, basking in a post CK breeding world, it occurred to me the coolest way for those universes to collide would be creating actual hybrids of the characters. Ideally as a CCG on Flow.

And so I reached out to Elijah, an artist friend of the company and put together some quick sketches of Alice vs Dorothy. We wanted to be less predictable than some have with the source material - so we brought our own take to it — ie the White Rabbit is a tank of a character and the Cheshire cat is a tiger. And haven’t you ever wondered what would happen if the Tin Man and the Caterpillar had a baby for you? We figured that out for you. You can check out some concepts at the top.

It’s a passion project of mine that’s never got off the ground (yet,) but seeing the show announced brought back fond memories and made me want to share the art.

PS check out the Oz books from Marvel drawn by Skottie Young. Incredibly beautiful.

PPS fun fact, the VR business I started was called Hammer and Tusk, named after the carpenter and the walrus from Wonderland.